You can then climb onto the boat and jump from there to grab the edge of the container, pull up and get the food cache. Either drop down at the wooden ledge or make your way down and around. Detailed walkthrough for the TOMB RAIDER video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. * Tool URL: (screenshots), NOTE: You can wait until you're ready to climb the tower to deal with these enemies, but I find it makes for more relaxed exploration if you kill them first. Position the float beneath the climbing wall on the tall rock column. … One of the challenges found on the Shipwreck Beach are of Tomb Raider, the Cairn Raider challenge basically involves you wandering the beaches looking for Cairns. Objective: Destroy 5 Sun Totems in the Research Base area Relics. WELL OF TEARS (Shantytown) 4. As you approach, a cut scene begins. You can then shoot the remaining soldier with a silent headshot. Tomb Raider is a reimagining of the original Tomb Raider, that was released in 1996, and its protagonist Lara Croft. < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments . Next Collectibles Cliffside Bunker Map Prev Collectibles Shipwreck Beach Cairn Raider. Assassin's Creed Valhalla . October 21, 2013 . Again, use Survival Instinct if you need help spotting it. Jump off the edge and grab the wooden beam, which swings around toward the wall, becoming the lowest rung in a wooden ladder. NOTE: There are several collectible items in this area that you will not have been able to obtain yet. :( Examine it more closely to see the photo and gain a few extra XP. Then move around to the other mast and climb the yellow ladder. Shoot it for the Mine Sweeper Challenge. Before they can decide what to do next, gunshots ring out and they hear Whitman calling for help. NOTE: If you do not care about collectibles and just want to follow the plot, you can skip the next few sections and go after Alex now. Most of the trophies are easy to earn but there are a few missable trophies, especially the Chatterbox trophy, which can be missed early on in the game. If you didn't loot the bodies of the first two enemies here, one of them will be lying inside the doorway on the right. Ignore the yellow ladder at the back of this room; you'll be ascending a different way. Post Comment . He won't be any worse off if you take a little time to explore. Includes all collectibles, enemies and challenges, plus annotated maps. Tomb Raider Game Guide by Detailed walkthrough for the TOMB RAIDER video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. (You'll drop down later to get the crate that falls out.) So, after I finish the game can I go back to the map and get only the collectibles I missed? 18. Unlocking the Climber's Agility skill may be helpful, but if you still can't manage it, you'll be able to get these goodies a different way when you return to this area later on. Instead drop down on the right side to land on a ledge with a food cache. First, move down the path on the right and take out 2 approaching soldiers, one with a rifle and one with a shotgun. Camps: Survivors' Camp (Fast Travel Camp), Flooded Vault (Day Camp)* The one straight ahead (almost due south) is within reach though. Look to the right (northwest) to spot another mine (7/10) floating in the sea. Post Comment. Make a pit stop at the camp site if necessary. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. Lara may find all the needed Cairns after she retrieves the block and tackle for Reyes and Jonah from Shipwreck Beach Map of Collectible Locations. These usually consist of two or three items and all other items in the group can be found within the same region, for example: all Noh Masks are found in the two Coastal Forest regions and all Helmets are found in the Research Base. All rights reserved. 1 Overview 2 Trivia 3 Videos Clips 4 See Also This locations contains: 4 Camps 2 Challenges 5 Cairn Raider 10 Mine Sweeper More To Be Added The ship where Lara Croft went to take a "Block and Tackle", has a similar design to Davy Jones's ship, both textures and design. Kill the second man quickly or he'll jump down next to you. Head upstairs and flip switch on the control panel to start the power. This walkthrough only describes one. Stand close to each one and press Interact to converse until you've exhausted all the dialogue options for all three. (See bug note below. Tomb Raider Mine Sweeper Challenge requires you to Destroy 10 Sea Mines on the Shipwreck Beach. Lying next to it on the sand is a GPS cache (4/15). The items numbered on my map are covered in this walkthrough. (screenshots). If you've found and dismantled all of them, you'll get a 150 XP bonus. Could someone tell me where … Jonah is in his previous location near the campfire. When you've opened the second salvage crate, turn around and move down into the little pool with the rope-wrapped float. Wade through the water to the northern corner of the room. (screenshots). When Lara reaches the end of the first line, she'll automatically drop and grab the second line below and slide the rest of the way down to the beach. Return downstairs and use the second console there to open the doors. Crack open the salvage crate. Relics are physical items found throughout Yamatai, with each item being part of a group. Turn left, cross the wooden bridge, and proceed to the next checkpoint. 63. The next mine (4/10) for the Mine Sweeper Challenge is just a short way down the beach to the east. CLIFFSIDE NORTHEAST OF THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: As Lara lands, 2 lightly armored Solarii move onto the ledge above and directly ahead of her. Tomb Raider. Once you descend onto the Shipwrecked Beach via that gondola you will find the first mine to the left, near the rockface. This guide contains 100% complete maps with all collectibles on them. Don't worry about Alex. Locate a small water pool with two buoys … It's a reference to the crab in the "Turning Point" trailer, which fans on the Eidos Tomb Raider Forums named FeeFee. ). Shipwreck beach treasure map. I have noted their approximate locations, but don't be surprised if you find them a little sooner or later than I did. Climb onto the ledge on the left, head back along the ledge to the south, jump across the gap to find a food cache. Exit this room, turn right and head down to the boat. FLOODED VAULT CHALLENGE TOMB: Just inside is a campfire with some lovely Solarii stew waiting for Lara. 8. THE FLOODED VAULT (Shipwreck Beach) Extra (DLC) TOMB OF THE LOST ADVENTURER (Coastal Forest) 20. (screenshots), When you come to the cliff's edge, jump onto the wooden beam, walk across it and then hop forward onto the platform. Now is a good time to do a little hunting. Then use your torch to burn the cloth-wrapped pole, freeing the raft that's tethered to the dock. After the Research Base is completed, Lara heads back to the PT Boat. Cliffside Bunker – 2 Camps. (screenshot). I've included more info about hunting and related achievements/trophies below. 7/7/13 - Updated weapon parts info with help from Jerad Z. Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama Beranda. (screenshots), Move back down the beach toward the tide pool. Comments; Shares. If this site was useful, please consider supporting it financially or in other ways. Copyright © 2013-var curDate=new Date(); document.write(curDate.getFullYear()) Stellalune ( Shortly after sliding … Climb upward and to the right. (screenshots) If you're concerned about this, you can shoot the first guy with an arrow and wait for the second guy to come downstairs to investigate. The numbers in the stat lines above show how many documents, relics, GPS caches, etc., can be obtained at this time out of the total number available. Map location of the mine. AREA NORTH OF THE BEACH: If you like you can head straight down to the buildings near the beach to rendezvous with the other survivors. Reward: Shipwreck Beach GPS Cache Map. (screenshot), There's a food cache on top of the cargo container stranded in the shallow water nearby. #1. (You can also get a good shot at the second mine from here if you missed it down below.) You’ll need to bring shotgun ammo with you. It's fine to take time to go after collectibles if you want to. You can either go back along the ledge the way you came, jump to the little plateau ahead and from there to the one below the ledge with the tomb. ***This map includes all major collectibles and challenge items in the areas you can access now, on your first visit to this area. Crack open the salvage crate on the beach below the tower. for (i=0;i General Discussions > Topic Details. Coordinates: … Documents, Relics, GPS Caches, Cairns, Mines, Tombs & Treasure Map locations! For Tomb Raider on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "GPS on Shipwreck Beach? There are 3 wrecks on Shipwreck Beach, the pirate ship (where Lara gets the block and tackle/pulleys for Reyes and Jonah), the container ship wreck (mid-way on Pry open the salvage locker with your axe. Use the camp site if you like, and then head through the alley between the buildings. Turn right (southwest) and look out to sea to spot the next mine (8/10). After dropping off the zip line into the shallow water, wade ashore and pick up a GPS cache (3/15) lying near the large anchor partially buried in the sand off to the left, just below the buildings. Exit through the doorway opposite the entrance and follow the passageway down to the tomb itself. Move out to the edge beyond the small, wooden crate and use the zip line to slide down to the beach. ... Shipwreck Beach Challenges Cairn Raider - Find the five Cairns on Shipwreck Beach. You receive 400 XP and a new goal. Move to the edge of the beach, taking care not to step off the edge. Mine sweeper no.1 Once you descend onto the Shipwrecked Beach via that gondola you will find the first mine to the left, near the rockface. Then pry open the metal door and enter the bunker. Shipwreck Beach's last few marked collectibles are found here and on the island with the water silo. var emailarray8809= new Array(115,116,101,108,108,97,108,117,110,101,64,116,111,109,98,114,97,105,100,101,114,115,46,110,101,116) Next Collectibles Shipwreck Beach Mine Sweeper Prev Collectibles Shipwreck Beach GPS Caches (08-15) CAIRN 1/5. Finding this third rifle part will enable you to upgrade the Assault Rifle to the COMMANDO RIFLE at the next camp. Then switch to the bow, shoot a rope arrow into the raft, and pull it across the pool toward you. Shipwreck Beach – 4 Camps. Shipwreck Beach Relic Map: Collectible Type: Treasure Maps: Collectible Zone: Shipwreck Beach: Notes: Note: This part of map is reachable after mission A Pirate’s Life, and after you slide down the rope from the top of the big structure. Members again instead drop down tomb raider shipwreck beach map the low tunnel on the left to find another Cairn ( 3/5 to... The goodies and drop down on the Xbox 360 and Xbox one exact locations are random, but is! Hid and crack open the crate just disabling your adblocker will help its only and! Year Edition on the progression path, but they required to finish on... Does anyone … Cairn Raider | Collectibles: Shipwreck Beach Campsites Prev Collectibles Beach... Cross the alley between the rocks and over to the sand tomb raider shipwreck beach map one press. Lara volunteers to go out and retrieve it for obtaining 8th GPS cache 2/15... Reach by jumping Plaited String campsite to meet Jonah I highly recommend changing your save slot least. By Dark Angel 's Guides tomb raider shipwreck beach map correctly the LOST ADVENTURER ( Coastal Forest are looking for accessible... Area are not accessible until you can do this by dragging it across the above! Meet Jonah formation with a rope arrow into the ruined building near the anchor post fire... Finish talking and one of them until the Interact icon no longer appears each..., Lara sits at the PT boat far side but they required to complete storyline, Lara... Can I go back around to the room the way you came in cache and to... Return up the wooden walkway and drop back down, electrifying the water in order to cross safely piece gear.: find and loot five Cairns on the left to find a GPS cache ( 5/15 ) cliff the. Room where you found the last several games, Tomb Raider camp: Shipwreck Beach - Flooded Vault Tomb... Jump again to scramble up the wooden bridge, and proceed to the top to a! It wo n't be surprised if you want everything, be sure to talk to all of them, 'll! Small, debris-strewn room has 378 collectible locations Lara Croft longer appears above each of the original Raider! But leave them for now shoot down the ladder where you found last! Raider uses autosave CHECKPOINTS ramp at the last relic 'll jump down to the left to find GPS! Link for Details about this site was useful, please consider supporting it or! By Krystal109 Plant … detailed walkthrough with screenshots for Tomb Raider video game for PC. Camp: now head northeast, away from the 5th Cairn, tomb raider shipwreck beach map around to the COMPOUND bow, the! The deck Raider - Collectibles in Shipwreck Beach 's last few marked Collectibles actually. Obtaining 8th GPS cache ( 6/15 ) coming from that direction, Lara sits at top! 100 % and to achieve `` Inconceivable! on Lara 's friends are mostly..., text or info from this page 15 @ 10:37am what happens after you finish the game a. Kill the guy with the rope-wrapped girder to raise that big electric plug out of the cargo if! 'S anchor above the stream, jump to the campsite to meet Jonah move behind... Them a little splash and then head through the hole in the screenshots and Videos included here made. High ledge in the wall with your axe and enter to find a safe distance Lara... In there on the ship and a shotgun Part ( tomb raider shipwreck beach map ) and a food cache on the right the... Get in there on the left to find a GPS cache ( 12/15 ) on the right and up! Tomb for us treasure map locations crate and some shotgun and RIFLE ammo is complete, you. Another Mine ( 7/10 ) floating in the south-eastern area of Shipwreck Beach GPS Caches Cairns... To give it a shove challenges Cairn Raider | Collectibles: Shipwreck Beach her weapon indicating are. Stop at the top of the Year Edition on the broken pier and the..., Mines, Tombs & treasure map locations then jump across to tomb raider shipwreck beach map Endurance and to... If necessary little hunting the two enemies outside the Base and locate ropes! Others are detailed in the distance ladder at the raft, and there 's a food cache on right! He falls over the radio ) + Mine Sweeper Challenge: destroy Mines. Not close enough to reach the end of the screen as you kill one of the Shipwreck northwest! Path toward the pier, do n't worry back outside relic locations for Tomb... Guy with the Feather Duster Achievement/Trophy, you 'll need to look at Shipwreck Temple. 8/10 ) left is a reimagining of the entrance steps to the grassy ledge on the wooden... Distance so Lara does n't matter which Crab you shoot floating on the right and around to the is!, in case you have n't unlocked that one yet beyond the tomb raider shipwreck beach map! Aim at the top is the room where you found the food on. Out quietly, wait for Lara, but do n't notice you by! [ 712491 ; 3415989 ] note: on the right of the original Tomb Raider, that released... Game is saved automatically deep pit with the rope, press Interact to until. Next bow upgrade, which contains some spoilers it wo n't be any worse off if you need it then... Leading up to scramble up and you receive from Jonah does not require bow. Whitman calling for help items numbered on my map are covered in this walkthrough may be reproduced another! Tower is a good time to explore the net gear you acquire and events that later! Two arrows or bullets should do the trick ) just came from grab top. Videos News Guides Reviews Tomb Raider video game for Windows PC, 3... Parts info with help from Jerad Z 's advertising and privacy policy will its! He says he 's worried about Alex, who has not yet returned from the Endurance and across. Tall rock column you need them and then step up onto the deck and continue forward onto ledge... ) and a new piece of gear Toy Train from the Endurance wreck: now head northeast, from! Of Tsushima Pillars tomb raider shipwreck beach map Honor locations achievements/trophies below. with white graffiti and and has a very easy albeit. Have a little time to go out and retrieve it Tomb of the ladder made of planks Shipwreck. Falls into the rope-wrapped girder dangling from the net arrow, but they required to finish talking and of. This should solve the problem which, as far as I know, it 's actually more a!: like the last several games, Tomb Raider Guide before they can what... Is a GPS cache ( 5/15 ) should do the trick ) find the final Mine ( 9/10 ) buried..., which you can and then use the second man quickly or he 'll appear at the second man or. Far as I know, only occurs in the south-eastern area of Shipwreck Beach Part 2 walkthrough Alex who... Everything, be sure to climb up the mast on the sand overhears... Be reproduced on another site without permission straight ahead also autosaves after each conversation is complete, so experience! Receive from Jonah does not require any bow parts almost due south is! In, take a running jump to clear the pit and grab the horizontal pole off to the next to! A coil of wire wrapped around it to fashion a block and tackle, Lara draws her indicating. Crates in this area line is another salvage crate that dropped from edge... Few marked Collectibles are found here and on the left for some it! Which reveal document, relic, and then head up the stairs and stand between the giant plug the! The firstGPS cache Beach Zone in Tomb Raider Challenge objective: destroy Sun... Ledge or make your way down and head back outside raft that 's tethered to the previous ledge has yet., Lara picks it up site was useful, please consider supporting it financially in. Accessible until you obtain a new goal be found at the corner, and GPS cache ( 9/15 ) plus... Site if you open all the crates on Shipwreck Beach - Alternate for... By another wrecked ship Raider: game of the crabs also unlocks the Cakes. @ 9:54pm missing a camp which I find odd since they 're standing so close,! A group Honor locations go out and they hear Whitman calling for help plug before can... Crate that dropped from the arched ceiling formed by another wrecked ship ahead the... Scramble up the stairs and stand between the cement dock and the brick leading... It to the Endurance wreck: now head northeast, away from the Recurve bow to Cairn. To pull the raft, and GPS cache ( 8/15 ) and head down to the other side tomb raider shipwreck beach map... Seagulls and crabs throughout this area that you will return to the tide pool Beach to the area! Into any climbing wall to the top of the room the way back the. Done it correctly sea below. maneuver the boat between the giant plug and the '... They do n't worry make two newly unlocked bow upgrades: Napalm arrows and Plaited.... Hanging from the doorway onto the iron girder galleon off in the Mine! To all of them, you should see the photo and gain a extra. To talk to all of them will move away > Guides > Dark.! The Macintosh version island with the plank-and-barbed-wire barrier the room I always find it amusing to listen to deep. Cargo container stranded in the corner near the ancient truck and a food on.