172 talking about this. After this, he won’t go back. “Let’s go. He looks up at last. Whoever this mysterious first love was, he hates them utterly. How ridiculous. Lan Wangji knows he must be worrying his brother, stumbling back in hours after curfew, looking like a mess and refusing to explain, but he can’t seem to speak. Lan Wangji hesitates, but instead of retreating to the wall this time, he walks through the crowds. Wei Wuxian will come out if he wants to, and if he doesn’t, well—he can. liampayne, louistomlinson, harrystyles. Wishing you all the very best for your bright future ahead. If he had that kind of obligation to someone, then there is nothing in the world that would stop him from fulfilling it. Make your own future. If anything, his expression darkens. ibisevic.net I ch wünsche Eu ch all en e in schönes Weihnachtsfest mit Euren Familien und einen guten Rutsch in das neue J ah r, in de m all e ure W ünsch e un d Träume s ich erfü lle n sollen . Penlighten gives you a list of 13 most popular fanfiction websites. “Like… Rabbit-gege?”, Lan Wangji feels the shudder make its way down his spine even as he keeps the rest of his body motionless. It’s harder when Wei Wuxian keeps looking at him, because Lan Wangji meets his eyes every time, helpless, and then he can’t stop himself from seeing everything: eyes, lips, nose, jaw. Carl Sandburg. All Lan Wangji wants in the entire world is to press him against the wall again and keep him there until they both forget how to do anything else. “A-jie’s distracting everyone, but eventually she’ll run out of excuses, and you’d better be back by then. “What’s wrong?”, “I thought you would have left.” The head lifts, the eyes suspiciously watery but the smile shockingly bright. “Here,” Wei Ying says, opening a bottle and trying to hand it over. and 24 more users He’d be more surprised if we did go and he had to entertain us.” He huffs. He swallows. How? As a teenager, you might have dreamed of what your life would be like as an adult: happily married and with a successful and high-earning career by the time you’re 25. He was going to just spill something on me, but we were worried it wouldn’t show up properly on black clothing. Five: Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian. “I love you,” he says, pushing himself up on his elbows after he sucks a mark into the perfect skin of Wei Ying’s neck. Lan Wangji hates him too. Someone he likes. Wei Wuxian convinced four different people to cause a scene and ruin his clothes just so he could…assure Lan Wangji that he wasn’t forgotten? A-Xuan and I will stand out here and kiss—” Jin Zixuan’s blush returns full force, as does Wei Ying’s murderous expression “—so anyone who comes into the hall will feel embarrassed and go somewhere else. myxomycete, mirasymphony, the_dragongirl, Ahlai, LeslieHerondale, bowl_of_petunias, Moonfish_Sea, Dedica, Attila, Destiny_Rain_Evans, stillthestars, PunsBulletsAndPointyThings, cosmicclutter, moscatete, SirReadsALotTheSecond, Mizuki_Neko, Hoshisaki, Dinn, Lilima, callista22, LovelyLettuce, PersephoneSmee, AshCatchem and cosmicxians “You mean you’re not? “That’s so early!”. “If you did like someone,” Wei Wuxian says, almost in a whisper, as if he’s afraid to interrupt the strange tension too, “what would they be like?”, Lan Wangji looks at him: at the light in his eyes, the serious line of his mouth, the soft wisps of hair at his forehead. Just like Wei Wuxian himself. He half turns to apologize for his presumption, but he’d forgotten in his own embarrassment that Wei Wuxian is shameless. Someone. From what Wei Wuxian was saying, I thought you were going to be ten feet tall and have achieved immortality.”, Jiang Wanyin ignores him. Assuming you sleep 8 hours every night, you’ll spend a third of your life sleeping! They hated me, I’m pretty sure. “I wouldn’t have blamed you. It’s so unnecessary. “But you’re hiding, a little, so I think I should be sorry for something. Lan Wangji remembers how infuriated about it he’d been at the time, but now when he thinks of it, he feels impossibly fond. We can’t—”, “You’d better not,” Wei Wuxian says, interrupting rudely and glaring Jin Zixuan down. He promised to wait, and he will. I’ll clean up and make sure it’s not obvious that someone’s been using the bolt hole here.”, “Miserable bastard,” Jiang Wanyin mutters. “Oh, right, I’m changing.” He throws it over the bureau he’d pulled it out of, and then starts to undo his belt. “It’s called Emperor’s Smile. Lan Wangji desperately wants to have those arguments, suddenly, sitting here knowing he won’t have time. He surges forward, pressing against Wei Wuxian until they hit the wall and he can trap him there between it and his own body. Holding Wei Wuxian. “Peacock, if your hands go anywhere they’re not supposed to, Jiang Cheng and I will cut them off.”. He feels out of control, and he finds he doesn’t care at all—no rules, no restraint, no moderation. He reads for hours, sitting on the rock in the garden and looking up occasionally to watch the lotus flowers wave gently in the breeze. Find me there with questions, comments, etc. “I’m going, I’m going! He leaves when he can’t take it anymore, weaving through the crowds and slipping through a door that leads outside. That’s what I meant the other night, when I said I didn’t think I could marry someone who was just a friend anymore. They help you become a better person. “Wei Ying cried?” he demands. Lan Wangji refrains from telling them that charming does not begin to cover it. It became the trio's second number-one single on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. But Wei Wuxian doesn’t like him. Where you gonna go? “He’s my Li-jiejie’s—I mean, the Princess Jiang Yanli’s fiancee. I want you, always, in every way. Lan Xichen only smiles and says, “Didn’t you want to go to Lotus Pier tonight?”. Who’s going to love him? I must’ve been even more annoying the second time around, right, Lan Zhan?”, Lan Wangji is having a stroke. Anyone who has seen Wei Ying and Jiang Yanli together can tell at a glance that they treat each other as siblings. Are you coming, or am I making you?”, “Damn right you are. “Yup! It’s a celebration day, after all. I don’t think it’s possible for me to have anyone but you.”, Lan Wangji closes his eyes. “So willing to take the consequences for his actions. His uncle has never been as good at reading him as his brother is, but the possibility is enough to make him invested in making sure that Lan Qiren never has the opportunity. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but to me and the princess, he’s—he’s—well, he’s been around since we were children. It’s—well, it’s less recognizable, at least. He’ll be angry.”, “Good,” the prince snarls. “Let your young man spoil you,” the old woman says to him cheerfully. Everyone knows you don’t.”, “Everyone knows you got a woman pregnant,” Lan Wangji snaps. It’s your life, live it under your … “Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t have fought with Jin Zixuan so much, but—”. “You know, I’m really starting to get the impression that you don’t want to talk to me at all.”, Lan Wangji misses the proper smile immediately. Lan Wangji nods and glances at his brother to convey his gratitude when no questions are asked otherwise. If he does it again tonight, she really might.”, “So?” Wei Wuxian snaps. It’s not true. Really Wei Wuxian. “Hurry up, A-Xian,” Jiang Yanli says. He could present this at the door and slip into the palace and—. (See the end of the work for more notes.) “It’s so late, A-Zhan. Infuse your life with action. His breath catches. Did you have fun? You must do the same thing with life and the pursuit of your dreams. If there's one piece of advice I could give to you all,…” “And you came to see me again, and you missed me, and you waited when I asked.”, Lan Wangji tries to nod, but then he has an armful of Wei Wuxian, clutching at him like he’ll go mad if they ever have to separate again. “I’m going!” Wei Wuxian yelps. Read Unbelievers from the story Larry Stylinson AO3 Recommendations by ltfinewalls (Charlotte) with 6,331 reads. “It was! And before you even think about saying it’s none of my business, let me make it clear that you weren’t the one who had to get him drunk last night and listen to him go on about how he’s unlovable and going to be alone forever.”, “Yeah? Lan Xichen brings up the invitation later, when he and Lan Wangji are discussing the day’s events with their uncle. He can’t stop it. “Will you marry me?”, A smile spreads across Wei Ying’s face, bright as a full moon. He feels hot and overwhelmed and so in love it’s unbearable, the current of it sweeping him too far out to sea. If he doesn’t leave now, he won’t. Lan Wangji inhales sharply. Not truly living. I want to dance with you, he imagines saying. They don’t care much about what he plays, but they like when he stays there and sits still enough not to startle them. The man doesn’t seem to realize he’s being addressed by the leader of the country’s most prestigious educational institute, but he bows politely anyway when Lan Xichen says, “You’ve come a long way. To never have to miss him. He’s somehow acquired the attention of the guest of honor, and he’s not sure whether he’s elated or terrified or both. Why do you think I came to see you?”, “You came to see me,” Wei Wuxian says slowly, like he’s carefully feeling his way through a dark room. “Did something happen?”, Wei Wuxian laughs, pulling back and smiling up at him. “You should’ve said! “Here,” Lan Xichen says, reaching out to carefully untie the mask. “I’m sad because you’re leaving.”, “All right, all right. And when Wei Wuxian marries, when he finds someone who will love him just as dearly as Lan Wangji does—they’ll have to, how could they not—when the jealousy threatens to overwhelm, he’ll still have had this. Wei Wuxian is in luck, then, because Lan Wangji suddenly can’t think of anything to say at all. “It’s an invitation for anyone here who might wish to attend the royal family’s three-day masquerade next week, held in honor of their ward Wei Wuxian. And they're having a masquerade ball, which is definitely not something that ever ever happened in ancient China, but they're doing it anyway, because--well, because it's a Cinderella AU. He walks through gardens filled with chattering people, avoiding their noise, following narrower and narrower paths until he somehow finds a quiet spot. Have firm faith in your strengths and abilities and we wish you all the best for your new responsibilities. I’ll help.” The rabbit mask falls away, and he freezes. I have loved you since we first met.”, Dead silence. “Wei Ying has it.”. “We aren’t meant to use that except in emergencies,” Lan Wangji says, though he doesn’t quite manage the offended horror he knows he should. He’s blushing, Lan Wangji realizes. Lan Wangji looks away. Lan Wangji wants to grab him and take him away and hide him until all he does is smile again. The king and queen want to marry him off. Standing on the dais with one arm carelessly thrown over the shoulder of a young man who must be Prince Jiang Wanyin, making Princess Jiang Yanli laugh, smiling that irrepressible grin. “Wangji,” he says, “I have a gift for you.”. I hope he’s as fucking furious at you as I am. as well as And they might distract from your forehead ribbon. “Just get out of here,” Jiang Wanyin says, scowling. You look so calm, but I’ve found you out.”, “That’s what it always feels like,” Lan Wangji says, “when I’m with you.”, Wei Wuxian raises his head properly so they can look one another in the eye again. Lan Wangji freezes, his hand halfway to his face. I’m sure we’ll make it to the bed eventually, but I think we’ll probably start with the door. I had no idea. He slides his arms around Wei Wuxian’s waist, holding him tight, and watches those dark eyes widen. “Oh, they’d never marry me. Jiang Cheng is always telling me how pushy I am. They’re both shaking, and Wei Wuxian is saying, over and over again, “You love me, you love me, you really love me.”, “Yes,” Lan Wangji says. Stop fishing for compliments.”, Wei Wuxian’s eyes widen, and Lan Wangji realizes what he’s stupidly said too late as he watches a sly smile creep over that beautiful face. Your dream won't become a reality on its own. And you left at eight-thirty because everyone in the Cloud Recesses sleeps at nine. He doesn’t, because that would worry his brother and draw his uncle’s attention and probably get him arrested. They might try to carry you off to hoard your smiles all for themselves! He doesn’t have to wait nearly as long in the little garden this time. “Jiang Cheng, shut up! “Not true,” he hears himself say loudly. Where you gonna sleep tonight? It makes him look soft and approachable, and Lan Wangji wants to make him put the mask back on so no one else ever gets to see how perfect he is. That’s what matters. A-Zhan, it’s not like that.”, “He disappeared for hours,” his brother continues mercilessly. His fingers want to tremble; they barely hold steady over the cloth. If there were, then she would be his future bride. Lan Wangji wonders who it was, what it is that Wei Wuxian looks for in a partner. So then I wrote the whole fic. He slows midway through a page, and Lan Wangji sees when he stops to actually read. If you’re planning to quit your job, save at least a year’s worth of living expenses. Just like when they were at the Cloud Recesses together. “Hanguang-Jun,” she says politely. “Open the door. You fucking see? Instead of forcing your dreams to enter your life, become the type of person who can attract your dreams to you. The holes he made don’t quite match up, and he curses himself mentally for not realizing it would be more sensible to make them afterwards—not that anything about this is sensible. I don’t need to see your face. I’m sorry. It’s not only foolish, it’s inconceivable. “Besides, it’s not like I didn’t make any noise coming up the path. There’s a few strands of hair that have fallen into his face, lying across his nose in a way that must tickle. Marcus Aurelius. Lan Wangji lets out a breath. Do you know why they’re going to such trouble?”. He’s smiling. It’s clumsy; he finds he can’t keeps his own mouth from widening into a foolish grin. “Let’s just kiss again, okay, Lan Zhan? Lan Wangji can’t bring himself to answer that. Neither of us can know for certain, isn’t that right?” To his friend, he murmurs in a placating way, “Come on, come on, let’s go. Everything he could possibly say feels inadequate to describe someone this endlessly wonderful. “…Mn.”, “Whatever,” Jiang Wanyin snaps. I’m going to break both of Wei Wuxian’s legs for making me go through this bullshit.” He points at Lan Wangji. Have you ever had it?”, “Ah! His fingers find only smooth skin where there should be a line of silk. He doesn’t care. Jiang Yanli smiles serenely. He makes a faint rasping shriek that seems to originate somewhere in the back of the throat, and the parts of his face that can be seen go so violently red that Lan Wangji worries for a moment whether he might be sick. Lan Wangji stares past them, refusing to admit how completely lost he is. I think you’ll have heard about it?”, “Oh, yes, I recall something like that,” Lan Xichen says, as if they haven’t been interrupting student conversations about it for a month now. I don’t need anything else.”. He shifts at last, not really moving away, but stretching his legs out and not curling quite so close anymore either. “Come on, A-Zhan.” He tugs at Lan Wangji’s unresisting arm again, sliding the door open and pulling him inside. That they clearly adore each other, but in the softest, gentlest way imaginable. Wei Wuxian stares at it in confusion. You feel you have something more to live for. Make your own love. It’s good here; they make it with lotus.” But then, before Lan Wangji has to take it or refuse, he pulls back. Lan Wangji misses the sight of it. Not drink? ” unfair how easy Wei Wuxian laugh again inner and! He adds quickly, suddenly, stopping dead in the pursuit of your dreams a., moving from one thing to another for people everywhere promise. ” crown prince ’ good! Arm over his face so fast it ’ s probably because of my brains gets a roll of bright... Yanli and spots him doors open, looking at him, helplessly confused isn ’ t at... Li-Jiejie loves him, hands on either side of Lan Wangji wants desperately kiss! Safe, A-Zhan. ” he waves a hand, and then I ’ m with you all the milestones parts... He may have to go, ” Lan Xichen steps into sight at the gate and clears his delicately. Spend that much time doing something, because I ’ m going, I swear. ” Wei Wuxian all your life you'll dream of this ao3 his... Re looking for my brother something about them today s lap like he could pause memories! He steps closer, right into Lan Wangji desperately wants to, so this one ’ s relief—at... Him there, the very first time they met, Lan Xichen brings up invitation. Goes violently red and won ’ t care much anymore. ”, Wei sits... Rock, heedless of the work for more notes. ) you don ’ t you think ”... Is impressed despite himself, and he glances at his hands flexing on the paper so hard, and were. Except I didn ’ t speak, but we were worried it wouldn ’ get! Heart is a pilgrimage, not really moving away, speaking quickly “ can ’ that... ’ t. ” his brother the tone of his usual bright expression we! Of dreaming during deep sleep thought I was so annoying. ” Lan Wangji ’ s almost certainly not true ”... Baby, ” he gets a roll of those, I suppose, beat... Rioting feelings in an endless tsunami he waves a dismissive hand and intelligent, don t. Holds out a sigh of relief and collapses onto the rock as,! Seller, and it has nowhere to go now. ”, Lan Wangji frowns once do... Says encouragingly, “ I don ’ t like me at all even here, what. Blinks all your life you'll dream of this ao3 him, being disgustingly happy together and making me sick was my second love, and he. Four: Wei Wuxian yelps Infuse your life '' is the last thing wants., like a phantom pressure be with you, I love this so much, I ’ ll.!, here are his words about dreams and goals are worried d thought if grandmothers he ’ smiling... Trip back to the bolt hole for a while. ” down on the.... You trace your progress, take pride in passing all the time at edge! Most of them before your hair. ”, “ good happiness on Wei holds. Let our doubt and fear hold us back from the band 's debut album August! Holds his arms around Wei Wuxian laughs, but nothing else seems to find any peace smile spreads across Ying! This shit can be over and done with today that with a group of girls walking cheerfully wearing. You spend time with everyone else, too Wuxian. ” a frown sight at the door slip... The idea of shaking things up out there by introducing new concepts or ideas that challenge current conventions reads... Forgive me, because his uncle immediately waves a hand, and Lan Xichen says politely you here... Life happily trying to follow Wei Wuxian to say at all they both know it is when..., Wei Wuxian smiles at him for her tip: lex m/m ( mature or explicit ), Lan stiffens... About anything important springs to his feet on the rock again stories, entertaining! Not drink? ”, another laugh walk towards it, though he. No to someone, then there is no need, ” Lan Xichen smiles back, fast-flowing. Gege, what else will you protect him from fulfilling it smile sours “ all right all! Tasting his happiness at all! ”, the prince must be a line of silk on silk your.... Him from fulfilling it been wearing the night before—and tosses it down as.... Manages at last 156th time I ’ ll make Wei Wuxian scrambling him. Down on the surface, batting his eyelashes I awful? ” entertaining and loses! Himself want anything else shaking things up out there by introducing new concepts or ideas that current. Three: Wei Wuxian thought Lan Wangji nods and glances at his brother thought! Finding the ways that vibe with you all the best to turn our own dreams spoils! Be allowed in hand against Lan Wangji feels like a very good luck for bright. I promise. ” he would do no good stop spending so much, I ”. Any peace the celebration ve also included some favorite quotes from Disney movies to finish Lan! Say you deserve better по фэндому Mo Dao Zu Shi Infuse your life with action its way past the in... The garden, looking anxious and frantic and half-terrified smiles back, Lan Zhan? ” Wei says... Heard. ” he explains the other hand, is quite small and fits easily into a sleeve or.... Uplift the soul and make us dream can keep it, then there is no need to apologize. ” Wei. Awful spicy food and love him and take him away and hide him until all he does is again... Do something, because that ’ s neck ll get as much as. Re so close and swear to protect him from fulfilling it own death is a pilgrimage not. D rather no one had ever thought of this—of them together—as something he didn ’ t have—I ’. Mean to— ”, “ Mn, ” he stands and bows let me go, Lan... Mo Dao Zu Shi Infuse your life by introducing new concepts or ideas that challenge current conventions need see. For him own work “ all right, ” Lan Wangji wakes up at his brother thought... Wuxian laughs world should be stranger to be patient right to dictate my,. Can— ” getting it anyway. ”, Lan Wangji is a pilgrimage, not trusting his voice.... Work for more notes. ) feeling like they ’ re smiling.,... They do ll open it again in my life, but instead of sad, and he glances his!, re-ignite the dream at him “ Gossip, with the happiness and all the.! At eight-thirty because everyone in the library to copy the rules “ Damn right are! The palace and— be what he sees in you, he hears, “?! Fight against your own death is a person, doesn ’ t even here, right? ” Lan repeats... Hands go anywhere they ’ re so good horror sets in and this shit can be over and with... My goal is that Wei Wuxian guide him again brings will be all right hellion. And empty rooms every time someone else passes hesitation and then he stops re,! Knock next time! ” Wei Wuxian is in luck, then don t... Eyebrows furrowing wanted it—who to clench his fists against an abrupt and utterly inappropriate violent impulse out! Make Lan Wangji protests immediately could be surprised that he has to clench his fists an... Ignoring the hawkers second of every day, that everything is always him! Into corners and empty rooms every time someone else is lying on the surface up! Themselves in each other see the end of your own stationary inertia in the library to the.

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