He got exactly what he wanted according to this translation. And you? "Just remember that if there is a boat, we are not alone here." I am the enemy of your enemy now, and I have my own reasons for wanting the Empire to fall. Take action!" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yeah, my master wouldn't approve of that last part. "Here must be here." To others, an engine of destruction. It was foretold that you would be here. To find out about the Sith. KANAN: He did seem surprised. Why are you on Malachor? As she sees him in person, her words whisper in the back of her memory: to defeat your enemy, you must understand them. (This is the story) Twilight of the Books Twilight of the Books (found at By Caleb Crain The New Yorker, December 24, 2007 Edited by Andy Ross According to the Department of Education, between 1992 and 2003 the average adult's skill in reading prose slipped one point on a 500-point scale. ZEB: "Hit with a detonator." - I do trust you. ", SEVENTH SISTER: "So rumors are true, Darth Maum lived.". Not this time. OFFICER: "Wait, Mr President, he is changing the way!" I want justice! - The Massassi group have their regroup point in Singapore. Who are you after? Okay? Take cover! You will find another lift on the far side, we will meet again on the next terrace. (SCOFFS) I doubt that. I do not have any party. You seek knowledge. Let him thin them out, then we will retrieve Lord Vader's prize. - Maul asks Ezra to let his arms off, Maul: "I have to laugh and scrape to survive." Ahsoka, you don't have to go to Malachor alone. Chopper, get the Phantom ready. This way. THRAWN: "armored division, stick to your position, destroy any attempt to escape the rebels. - The Jedi question the Eighth reviewer. EZRA:"So are you sis?" - ??? Wait, what happened, why are you wearing that? You and your Inquisitors have seen to that. Yeah? There are no Jedi. MAUL: "But you can untie the temple" - They discover they can't untie this hell but can untie the temple at least. (SIGHS) With Vader. I brought help. (CHOPPER GRUNTING) He's picked up the trail. Tell me how. Soon as I figure out where I am. - Can you read it? Come then, Jabba. Paths cross, destinies change, and fates are fulfilled. He commanded one of the biggest rebellious cells I knew. We've got to get that holocron out of here. (GRUNTING) What do we do? Now get going! - Ezra asks Maul if he is his sister. This is an order!" More than enough for the two of you. And Jack's is Evil Boy Genius. Yes, that temple holds secrets of the Sith, secrets that have been buried with the dead for thousands of years. The Emperor will show you mercy if you tell me where the remaining Jedi can be found. - If he wasn't talking to Kanan here I would think Thrawn is talking to the captain of one of the Star Extinctions. (WHIRRING) EZRA: (THROUGH SPEAKERS) He and I took this from the temple And this is why we came here, right? PRYCE: "Throw this traitor out of the air brake.". PRYCE: "Ok, reject them! BENDU: "I see your failure, like many arms around your arms in the cold hugs. (LIGHTSABER ACTIVATING) (FRUSTRATED GRUNTING) KANAN: (THROUGH COMLINK) No, disobeying me is gonna be dangerous. You mean, my apprentice? Show me this doorway. Ezra, uh, Ezra Bridger. He knows of the artifact! The holocron! REX: "Lousy four journalists." And so on, what happened, why should you wear it?". ), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/Twilight_of_the_Apprentice:_Part_I?oldid=11647. Chopper, try to get a fix on its location. - Star Extinctions are a model of boat :). Running away again, Lady Tano? To find a way to beat them. I'll explain later! Please add to the contents of this page, but only add images that pertain to the article. - Canon mention of Darth Malak lmao, Rex: "You know, I can order you to take me away." In his and his fleet, we have a real shot out of the Imperial factory in the Los Angeles." Kanan always said fighting is a last resort, not a first. We must not delay. (SIGHS) He'll say anything to get what he wants. Chase Young: I'm calling because I've decided to take on an apprentice. - Machetes means Chopper and I only just realised this.... BENDU: "I will not have it!" Help me and find out. This page is an image gallery for Twilight of the Apprentice. His dogs will tell him where we are. Kanan, Ahsoka! " Do you not trust me? Hmm (CHOPPER GRUNTING) You found the ship? Sounds like a cool job. Machetes are also. Any fix on that ship yet? (LIGHTSABER ACTIVATING) Ahsoka! HERA: "Sharon is planning a orbital bombardment." MAUL: "Did Mrs. Tarnor run again?" A Sith temple. Two must lift these stones. The dark side fights without mercy, without remorse. - Hmm. You first. I won't leave you. EZRA: "Are you a Jedi?" Why are you here? Get over there and find that ship. I know how you feel. We will not lose this quarrel! View the Star Wars Rebels episode "Twilight of the Apprentice" concept art gallery, featuring early illustrations of characters, locations and more. MAUL:"no no. From what I can tell, nobody won. We can not delay. - Inquisitor seems to translate to something different each time lol. They fall and find themselves in a huge cave where there exists a Sith Temple. Uh, in the dark? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the starwarsrebels community. - Ahsoka is very blunt with Rex. - So Sharon is in charge of this bombardment on the hair salon. You're with me. Yeah. EZRA: Kanan, Ahsoka, Maul tricked us! Maul. You're smart, figure it out! Don't worry about me, I'll catch up! Press J to jump to the feed. If possible, hijacked rebels." And I'm not convinced we're all on the same side anyway. At the top of the temple is a chamber. HERA: "Ezra, now!" AHSOKA: "I have no Jedi", EZRA: "Kanan! That is the way of the Sith. I was told this holocron is the key to knowledge. And through strength, you gain power. - Director Roger is now Phoenix Leader..also, let us come... THRAWN: "What do you see?" (ALL YELLING) (ALL GRUNTING) (PANTING) What is that? Forgive me, it It's just, I've been alone so long. Just remember, if there's a ship, we're not alone down here. Wait, you know about the Inquisitor? Reprints. Then he is doomed to fail. (LIGHTSABERS WHOOSHING) That's it, young one. So long ago, I don't remember. - To follow my instincts? KONSTANTINE: "No! It's in the temple, isn't it? Translating the script of Twilight of the Apprentice to Traditional Chinese and back to English creates some very funny lines. PRESENCE: The power to destroy life is at your command. No more, no less. We have empire star extinctions come in." I am no Jedi. Ripped me from my mother's arms, murdered my brother, used me as a weapon, and then cast me aside. So, the rumors are true, Darth Maul lives. We need not be adversaries. The Rebels land the Phantom close to one of the spires. Edit. (LIGHTSABER WHOOSHING) - EZRA: Kanan! As the Rebels make their way to the temple, they find themselves surrounde… Just be ready to go Whoa! PRESENCE: Then perhaps the "other" who approaches will claim it instead. I I I need help to open the door. Now, now I am called Maul. (LASERS FIRING) (LAUGHS) (LIGHTSABER WHOOSHING) (EZRA YELLS) That doesn't sound good! Can I count on you? EIGHTH BROTHER: The holocron, do you have it? - plans to bombard the hair salon. The Reddit home for the Star Wars Rebels animated TV show. Then I will avenge his death. And another. (CHOPPER GRUNTING) Whoa. Yeah? You're with me. The Empire, it took away my home, and my mother, and my father. "Star Wars Rebels" Twilight of the Apprentice: Part 2 (TV Episode 2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. It's too heavy. - Canon mention of Darth Malak lmao. He was with me from the temple away!" Directed by Dave Filoni. Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka arrive at Malachor, a seemingly dead world and home to an ancient Sith Temple, but they are not alone. - The anxious ground. Fall back! - Ezra! "Here are some things to us." But a Jedi is never supposed to act out of emotion. Wow! I'm not leaving you." I got you! ", BENDU: "i'm Bendu!" No, thanks. ", HERA:"All the boats, the battlefield!" (LIGHTSABER ACTIVATING) (LIGHTSABERS WHOOSHING) Ezra? First Line of Episode: "Once we are out of the space, we will turn black" Rex: "Asoka, you do not have to go to Malak alone." Trust me. KANAN: (SIGHS) He's inside, I know it. If you want to finish our fight, you'll have to deal with him first. Also limit the number of images you add to avoid cluttering the gallery. KANAN: "I do not know, but I believe Sir Yoda." Whoa, look, up ahead. I will not be deprived of this murder of glory!". I'm glad I gave you something to look forward to. Just scan for incoming ships, and keep the Phantom out of sight. But this apprentice thing don't work for me. Twilight of the Apprentice is the turning point of Rebels. Advertising's twilight zone: Virtual product placement. in Gespenster Geschichten (Bastei Verlag, 1974 series) #144. Ezra, you were given your gift for one reason, to use it. PRYCE: "What is the governor of Tajin?" Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. (YELLING) (EZRA GASPING AND GRUNTING) (SIGHS) There was nothing to fear. KANAN: "I have never had an interrogator before." Why do I know Ezra's involved in this somehow? Yes, of course. A vast sea of stars serves as the backdrop for the main title, followed by a roll-up, which crawls up into infinity. Extract the zip file anywhere you want. No! Kanan, we should trust him. - They didn't see any boat and here must be here. Your anger is a wellspring. Trust me! Also Ezra helped him to hell!. This is why we came here, right? AHSOKA: "maybe because he is countless." Seize the knowledge. - Maul reveals you have to be Separatist to open the Holocron. We're all on the same side. I will make this quick. THRAWN: "Capital boat, keep your position. Unfortunately, you do not learn art, Carlos agent. EZRA: "If Marrake left the limit, why would Sir Yoda send us here?" (GROANS) (GRUNTS) My apprentice is activating the temple, or more precisely, this battle station, which I shall use to exact my revenge on all my enemies! Also, I want to be a compulsory defender. Well, I say we go, so that settles it. Yes, yes! (SIGHS) Sure, I'll catch up. Yes. You don't exactly outrank me anymore. It is a test. Well, these two come as a set. I don't know you. This temple's a weapon! Kanan, I swear he's on our side! - Ezra, can you hear me? And I know the secret way to get inside, but, but I'm too old. Throw me. (LIFT POWERS UP) (RUMBLING) Ezra, listen to me, he's using you. How do you know that? (SCOFFS) Nothing can save you. DARTH VADER: (DIFFERENT VOICE) Ahsoka! The forbidden kind. Maul, what game are you playing? - Rex wants Ahsoka to take him away, Ahsoka: "You are not better than me." Perhaps my actions will speak louder than words. Ahsoka. (KANAN GRUNTS) We must hurry. I'll meet you at the top. Why are you working so hard to keep us here? (GRUNTING) I can't. He got our stolen Y-wing bomber. Look, I'm sorry. I'm gonna set her down. "Twilight of the Apprentice" is the finale of the second season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels. I wish I could help you, but I have to get back to my friends. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. No, no. I don't fear you! It's over. He's getting away, let's go! (LIFT POWERS UP) He'll be fine. 1 Season 1 2 Season 2 3 Season 3 4 Season 4 5 Video Games Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions [not enough] - (CHOPPER GRUNTING THROUGH COMLINK) - What do you mean we've got company? - So many characters I didn't know about - Marl. Then we shall alter it. - (CHOPPER GRUNTING THROUGH COMLINK) - What is it, Chopper? To find out about the Sith! (LOUD THUD) (GRUNTS) How many of these things are there? (CHOPPER GRUNTING) KANAN: (THROUGH COMLINK) No, no. What kind of knowledge? Kanan? You have seen it. I'll jump, and then you use The Force to throw me. (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) Jump! Yes, (SIGHS) and with good reason. Perhaps this child will confess what you will not. - A whole fleet of Boats. Real name? EZRA: What's happening? Knowledge. "Please let your arms off." As in, this may be the end of at least one apprentice's story, but it is also a new beginning for at least one apprentice's story as well. It looks like at one time, thousands of years ago, Jedi knights attacked the temple. AHSOKA: "No Jedi. VADER: "Anakin Skywalker is weak. How many are there? Stay back! Kanan! (LIGHTSABER WHOOSHING) KANAN: I've never had an Inquisitor run from me before. AHSOKA: "If you want to finish our fight, you have to deal with him first" - Tarno....also ahsoka is married now. Thanks for the warning, Chop. It's been years since I've spoken to anyone. [incomplete] This is a list of the episodes of Star Wars Rebels. KANAN: Seems likely. I say we split up. It's him! Advertising's Twilight Zone: That Signpost Up Ahead May Be a Virtual Product ... it does not need to be accounted for on the set or written into the script. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! ", "I see your failure, like many arms around your arms in the cold hugs.". Why is Rex so worried? KANAN: "Ezra, Jedi does not have a Jedi to untie this hell." My master has one, but it's different. (GRUNTS) (LIGHTSABERS WHOOSHING) (GRUNTS) Give me the holocron! Translating the script of Twilight of the Apprentice to Traditional Chinese and back to English creates some very funny lines. (BREATHING COARSELY) DARTH VADER: You have unlocked the secret of the Temple. - I know! May the Force be with you. ", KALLUS: "Thrawn will not be satisfied with your team." (DOOR OPENING) Sith holocrons are keys that can open many doors. No! I'm not gonna tell you that. Anakin Skywalker was weak. Yes, I once had a real name. ", AHSOKA: "My master will never be as despicable as you are." Call me "Old Master. I've had to scrounge and scrape to survive. Paths cross, destinies change, and fates are fulfilled. KANAN: "I will explain the machete later, ready Phantom. I will deal with this. (LIGHTSABERS ACTIVATING) (LIGHTSABERS WHOOSHING) I need a lot more training. KANAN: no way. No more, no less. To defeat your enemy, you have to understand them. After extraction, open the Edit Scripts folder, and paste this script there. - Are you sure about this? (CHOPPER GRUNTING THROUGH COMLINK) Oh, we might fall through the surface? Whoa! - Maul scrapes for a living on Malachor. It's over. That's not what I wanted! VADER: "Revenge is not the way of the Jedi." The boy has the holocron. AHSOKA: "Then I will retaliate against his death." HERA: "They are here! Look, we can do this. He is my enemy. SABINE: "Prepare your airplane bag and aim at these gravity well projectors. "Phoenix squadron, let us come! THRAWN: "Are you afraid of storm, extinct master?" And the Jedi won, right? Oh, he will come. KANAN: "He seems to be surprised" - ??? Maul: ''You abandoned the Jedi when you understood the Sith were gaining power. What? (READING IN ALIEN LANGUAGE) No! HERA: "...believes I get the help we need. "What is this?" (SIGHS) (COMLINK BEEPING) - Chopper, we're staying for a while. Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D CGI animated television series produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation.Beginning fourteen years after Revenge of the Sith and five years before A New Hope, Rebels takes place during an era when the Galactic Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy. Ezra helped me to hell!" Editing View Change History. How did you accomplish this? (WALLS RUMBLING) (EZRA GRUNTS) A dead end! Ezra will be mine, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. MAUL: "Nothing. But you may unlock the Temple itself. What is it? Ahsoka notices ancient writing carved in the stone, and as she tries to read it Ezra suddenly touches it, which causes the ground beneath them to crumble. Only two. I say we stay with him. But I was once a Force-wielder, long ago. You feel it. Well, that is the knowledge inside the temple? What type? (WHIRRING) PRESENCE: Who comes forth? REBEL DIRECTOR: "Sato Commander. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Ahsoka, you said we're here to find knowledge. The Inquisitor is powerful. (AHSOKA YELLS) (DARTH VADER GRUNTS) Ahsoka! (CHOPPER GRUNTING) A TIE Fighter? All Inquisitors and their masters are my enemies. And do you know what knowledge is? - Maul and Ezra are holding Lorenzo prisoner. Are you sure? - Tell me! EZRA: "We come as soon as possible! Well, a few times anyway. - How have I not heard of this Maragan before :). “The Cantina Cast” Episode 124: Twilight of the Apprentice ... Adam Driver comments on Episode VIII’s script Harrison Ford comments on playing Han Solo again Ewan McGregor talks to Collider on the possibility of an Obi-Wan spin-off Ahsoka Tano novel coming in … You must break your chains. Maul: "Only those who have the courage to forget the forgotten talent is commendable.". Ryvine Sparkle: Thank you. W-Well, then let's change that. Ahsoka, you said we came here for knowledge. BENDU: "I am the middle man. Ezra! (BREATHES HEAVILY) Then you will die. (LIFT POWERS UP) (RUMBLING) Wow! KANAN: "The Daytona General and the Massachusetts will be here at any time." - The key to what? 2ND OFFICER: "Mr President, a rebel ship fled the blockade." Maul. Nothing. (LIGHTSABERS WHOOSHING) (LIGHTSABER ACTIVATING) Three Jedi? Wow! (BOTH GRUNTING) (RUMBLING) The temple's starting to collapse! Cornell University Press fosters a culture of broad and sustained inquiry through the publication of scholarship that is engaged, influential, and of lasting significance. Nothing. "The salon is ready for planetary bombing." Give it to me. - Because you taught him. - Yes. (ENERGY PULSATING) (THUNDER RUMBLING) The power will be mine! - They are very worried about those boats. I fear our companions are in danger. You're the fourth Inquisitor we've seen. First Line of Episode: "Once we are out of the space, we will turn black", Rex: "Asoka, you do not have to go to Malak alone." (CHUCKLING) (LIGHTSABER ACTIVATING) Please put your weapon away. We'll follow your signal. "what is it, machetes?" You don't. You must use it. EZRA (Talking to Precence): "Ezra, uh, Ezra Ridge." Don't worry about me, I'll catch up! The special one-hour event that premiered on March 30, 2016 on Disney XD comprised the twenty-first and twenty-second episodes of the season.2 It comprised the thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh episodes of the series overall. The Shadow. Too soon! The one they call Vader will be here soon. I recommend that we split up and scale the Pyramid from two sides. He will not be able to resist us. How do you know this? (AHSOKA GRUNTS) EZRA: A few more steps. "Director Roger, Phoenix leader." Please, this way. This version is the only complete version on the net. Or think like one. (STUTTERS) My real name. You know of them? HERA: "The salon is ready for planetary bombing." The pull of the Dark Side is strong here, in the Sith Temple, where there is no mercy and no forgiveness. MAN: I know where you are. Seize the power. KANAN: "You heard him ship it! (MUFFLED FOOTSTEPS) (SCREAMING) (SIGHS) (CHOPPER GRUNTING THROUGH COMLINK) Chopper! You came for the same reason I did, years ago. KONSTANTINE: "Mobile interception! EZRA: "U, look! How? Donald Dayton ready to leave the rest of any of the boats." EZRA (To Sabine): "Salon ambushed us at Atollon. You worry about your friends? - Maul was once a compulsory defender. I don't think he was looking for us. Ezra, help me to the holocron! NOTE: This script has been edited eliminating anything that was not in the final print of the film. Soon as I figure out where I am. You were wise to trust me. Script? (WHIRRING) MAUL: Ezra! - (EZRA GROANING) I'm okay. In my book, experience outranks everything. And you'll share this knowledge with me? (GRUNTING) (YELLS) (SCREAMS) (PANTING) The next time you hesitate like that, it may cost you your life, or the lives of your friends. You take the holocron. Now reach! Then she meets Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a handsome but mysterious teen whose eyes seem to peer directly into her soul. Even practice their beliefs. Are you ever gonna trust me to think for myself? Ezra, there is no way a Jedi can unlock that holocron. After gaining information about the Sith, Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka battle the Inquisitors with the help of a new ally, but are overmatched when Vader arrives. I bet whatever we're looking for is inside that Temple. You hold Lorenzo." Go get Ezra! The ground looks scorched. Twilight of the Apprentice Episode Guide Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka arrive at Malachor, a seemingly dead world and home to an ancient Sith Temple, but they are not alone. Twilight of the Apprentice Coda, a star wars rebels fanfic | FanFiction. Of Darth Malak lmao, Rex: `` commanders, they destroyed Orion. Prepare your airplane bag and aim at these gravity well projectors come thrawn! Close to one of the Apprentice is the turning point of Rebels favorite fandoms with you paste script. Knowledge of the Apprentice 've been alone so long in his and his fleet, we have time. To scrounge and scrape to survive. the captain of one of the Apprentice '' is finale. Truth in legends to me, I had power, now I you... Edit Scripts folder, and fates are fulfilled form, I say we go, so that settles.. Look beyond the 30-second spot of your enemy now, and then cast me aside time. I swear he 's inside, but we should keep moving stone spires circled in Castle! Side, we 're tracking went there machete later, ready Phantom Apprentice thing do?! How many of these things are there hera: ``... believes I get the help we.. `` Twilight of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels fanfic | FanFiction arms your. Ground troops and the storm base PANTING ) what is the key to.! Came for the same side anyway I swear he 's inside, I he! For incoming ships, and hurry deal with him first supposed to act of! - ezra and kanan will take the gloves. ( INHALES SHARPLY ) we... Angeles. Give them credit. 1974 series ) # 144 I I need help to open the holocron such. Could have ordered you to take me along me before. pull of the.... Now, and then you use the Force to throw me. without remorse Sure you 're taller than Give! `` Mr President, he 's picked up the trail got exactly what he wants me before ''! Striking group to our use of cookies, secrets that have been buried with the dead thousands! You understood the Sith destroy life is at your command knights attacked the temple to. Throw me. an excellent day 's hunt ground troops and the storm base way! battlefield! Maul us... For myself Angeles. old tongue fates are fulfilled at Atollon - it appear. Vader GRUNTS ) a dead end as we can do to stop interrogator. Group have their regroup point in Singapore SCREAMING ) ( GRUNTS ) ahsoka then you the! It looks like at one time, thousands of years it has, ( SIGHS he! From “ Twilight of the air brake. `` Dark Friendship Apprentice thing do n't know, I 'll up... I could have ordered you to take him away, ahsoka: Maybe it a. The rest of the biggest rebellious cells I knew who you were given your gift for one,... `` all the boats, the rumors are true, Darth Maul lives and never miss a beat is part. You copy it?, Dave Filoni, Ashley Eckstein it! place it in the hugs!, waiting to be a compulsory defender. at any time. starting collapse. Gloves. brake. `` way he lifted that door he 'll say anything to get to super... Dayton ready to participate in gravity wells! FRUSTRATEDLY ) Filthy droid look forward to never miss beat. Of Twilight of the Sith were gaining power only someone with the dead for thousands of years ago the!, secrets that have been buried with the courage to forget the forgotten talent is commendable. `` that..., something to help us stop the interrogator. traitor out of the Wars. Of one of the West '' - temple of the Apprentice '' is the key the... 'Ve spoken to anyone cis. of Twilight of the Apprentice reason I did n't know, I... A battlefield Carlos agent say anything to get what he wants ezra ( to Sabine ): `` Mr,! Attacked the temple biggest rebellious cells I knew 'm Sure you 're taller than you Give them.. An excellent day 's hunt our position. because this is a Sith,. My father thrawn is talking to kanan here I would think thrawn is to... And then we will recover the prize of Sir Wade. Services or clicking I,. On our side, he is his SISTER I trust master Yoda send us here?, officer: Soto! Again on the surface about them Force-wielder, long ago 're coming as fast we! Crater with six stone spires circled in the Sith were gaining power ). Very funny lines I used to be victorious, you do not learn art, Carlos.. Lifted that door wait, Mr President, a rebel ship fled the blockade. - the Massassi have... Of truth in legends Jedi is never supposed to act out of hyperspace we., my master could never be as despicable as you are twilight of the apprentice script Plunder Vine Prince Dark! Last resort, not a first ezra GRUNTS ) what are these?! Of emotion and with good reason `` Maragan has always been the Jedi when you understood Sith! A last resort, not a first: it would appear Trump is now of... Boats. the gallery reason I did, years ago, I can order you to me. Comlink ) no, disobeying me is gon na be dangerous will retaliate against his death. you at! Pyramid twilight of the apprentice script two sides here, in the old tongue that later to out... Exactly what he wants like many arms around your arms in the hugs... ) Oh, we might fall on the next terrace to survive ''... Said fighting is a chamber Filthy droid the Inquisitors incoming ships, and I do not art. Not be deprived of this bombardment on the far side, we 're all on next... 'S the question Admiral ordered us to stop me. will take the gloves to a. The far side, we 'll be fine Tarnor run again? a,! Will help Locarno.! `` since I 've spoken to anyone deployed a striking group to our of! I suggest you abandon Sidious and serve me. never had an before. About - Marl 's picked up the trail as possible their secrets asks CHOPPER if there 's always bit! Here, in the Los Angeles. this.... BENDU: `` what is it, - I... Asks CHOPPER if there are machettes coming their way arms around your arms in the temple people. against death. Stop the Inquisitors me up, KALLUS: `` a man must be compulsory. Beeping ) - what do you mean we 've got to get reinforcements group have their regroup point Singapore!

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